UJAmI SmartLab is an innovative space within the University of Jaén that plays a key role in the implementation of new ground-breaking solutions in e-healtcare based on ambient intelligence.

Our Smart Lab features a fully furnished apartment that is organized into the following spaces: a lobby, a living room, a kitchen and a bedroom with an integrated bathroom. There are more than 130 smart devices deployed in this apartment that allow the analysis of the behaviour of its inhabitants.


Multiple sensors are located in different places of the UJAmI SmartLab in order to gather data from the human-environment interactions. Furthemore, the SmartLab also includes actuators to fulfil the needs of the users. A common middleware based on openHAB is responsible for managing the data in a unified way that simplifies the intelligent processing of information.

The most relevant devices that can be found in the UJAmI SmartLab include:

Fibaro door contact, floor sensor, SensFloor, Samsung SmartThings, Mother and NFC tags

Environmental sensors

Multiple sensors like interruption, temperature, humidity, pressure, etc

Philips HUE, Philips HUE Strip, Raspberry Pi, Harmony Smart Home, Reloj LG, Polar M600, Google Nest


Estimote Beacons, Estimote Stickers, Estimote Mirror, iBKS Beacons

Indoor location

IP D-Link 5020L Camera Raspberry Pi

Vision cameras


Samsung SmartTV 6400, Sonos, Xbox One


Withings Smart Body Analyzer, Mi Band 2, Withing Pulse 0x

Health devices

BrainLink Macrotellect, Emotiv Insight, Emotiv Epoc+

Brain interfaces

Amazon Echo, Leap Motion, Kinect, Voice Kit, Ipad, Samsung Tab

Human-Computer interfaces

BQ Zowie, Bioloid Robotics


SketchUp 3D Model