UJAmI is an amazing space in the CEATIC at the University of Jaén focused on Ambient Intelligence.

The term Ambient Intelligence (AmI) refers to environments that are sensitive and responsive to the presence of people and their feelings and needs. Research into AmI aims at revolutionizing our everyday lives by providing flexible and adaptive environments for our homes.

What disciplines are involved in UJAmI?

AmI environments combine different ICT-related disciplines like sensing, networking, pervasive computing, human–computer interaction, artificial intelligence, etc. Moreover, it is fundamental to have other disciplines involved in future developments in order to truly revolutionize our quality of life by applying AmI.

Among our main collaborators are the Ageing Lab foundation focused on knowledge about aging (Spain) and Smart Environments Research Group at the Jordanstown Campus of the University of Ulster (United Kingdom)

What applications does UJAmI address?

AmI can be applied to multiple contexts that have a big impact, such as security, industry, agriculture, marketing, etc. However, the main fields of interest of UJAmI are health and social-care, because of their relevance to the quality of our everyday lives.

UJAmI researchers pay special attention to the daily home activities in order to create better life conditions for elderly adults in their own homes.

What are UJAmI services?

  • UJAmI Lab. This is a real apartment with multiple and heterogeneous sensors and actuators that are connected to a unified middleware. This environment can be used to test your IoT prototypes.
  • UJAmI Sofware. A set of graphic software tools to monitor in a easy way a set of sensors of different types in your environment.
  • UJAmI Repository allocates multiple datasets from both external sources and our own resources. These datasets are available for the AmI community.