About Us

The Advanced Studies Center in Information and Communication Technologies belongs to a teaching and researching excellence support strategy, whose main objective is to motivate knowledge transmission. In addition, it is aimed at developing a non-profit center that brings together research groups and resources allowing the improvement of knowledge, innovation and the development in the field of the information and communication technologies by means of the education, scientific research and technological development. Our research staff includes more than 40 people, organised into 6 research groups working in the field of the ICT, having authored numerous publications in peer-reviewed journals.


In CEATIC we have an environmental intelligence laboratory with the most modern sensors and devices for IoT and SmartCity. Our center has more than 130 sensors and over 30 different types of them to analyse the behaviour of the inhabitants. We are developing new applications to improve the quality of people’s life. The areas where user-adaptive systems can be found are very miscellaneous, for example:telecommunications, multimedia,finance, service industries, health care, transportation, and manufacturing industries. In addition, this labs may be considered one of the first among the laboratories focused on the socio-sanitary care of persons with disabilities.


Cloud Storage

A private cloud to share and store information safely

Virtualization & SuperComputing

The center offers to its researchers a supercomputing cluster for high performance, big data and GPU computing. VMs on demand to deploy any necessary software

3D Printing & Scanning

Making textured and accurate 3D model of objects and printing these.

Project management

Private software tools to work together