Charla "Biomedical and Clinical Natural Language Processing at CLiPS"

Hora: 12:30h
Lugar: Salón de grados verde del edificio C1
Fecha Actividad: Mié, 13/11/2019
Impartida por: Walter Daelemans
Walter Daelemans is professor of Computational Linguistics at the University of Antwerp where he directs the CLiPS computational linguistics research group. His research interests are in machine learning of natural language, for example in the development of Memory-Based Language Processing (CUP, 2005); computational psycholinguistics, especially exemplar based alternatives to mental rules as representations explaining language acquisition and processing; computational stylometry, with a focus on authorship attribution and author profiling from text; and language technology applications, for example biomedical information extraction and cybersecurity systems for social networks.