Ortega Alvarado, Lidia

Scientific Committe

Lidia Ortega received the BSc degree in Computer Science from the University of Granada (Spain)  and the PhD degree from the University of Seville (Spain). She is professor at the Department of Computer Science at University of Jaén teaching at the High Polytechnics Institute. Her research is diversified into different areas such as Computational Geometry (tessellations, visibility), Computer Graphics (occlusion culling, collision detection path planning, based-layer decomposition), 3D GIS or Urban Systems.

Belonging to the Research Group Computer Graphics and Geomatics (ICT-144 Plan Andaluz / http://gggj.ujaen.es) of the University of Jaén since 1996. She has participated in 14 research projects funded, being the lead researcher in two of them. She has participated as author or co-author of 34 published scientific papers at conferences nationally and internationally. At the same time has a total of 24
publications including book chapters and articles in national and international journals.