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Sustainable Change Management through Employee Readiness: Decision Support System Adoption in Technology-Intensive British E-Businesses
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Consensus decision models for preferential voting with abstentions
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Hesitant fuzzy information for information fusion in decision making
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A group decision making tool for assessing climate policy risks against multiple criteria
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Using Ontologies for the Online Recognition of Activities of Daily Living
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Relevance of the SFU Review<inf>SP</inf>-NEG corpus annotated with the scope of negation for supervised polarity classification in Spanish
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Pictogram tablet: A speech generating device focused on language learning
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The Experience of Developing the UJAml Smart Lab
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Human Activity Recognition from the Acceleration Data of a Wearable Device. Which Features Are More Relevant by Activities?
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H<sup>2</sup>Al—The Human Health and Activity Laboratory
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Customizing Semantics for Individuals With Attitudinal HFLTS Possibility Distributions
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Multi-source localization using a DOA Kernel based spatial covariance model and complex nonnegative matrix factorization
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Real-time Soundprism
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Individual Semantics Building for HFLTS Possibility Distribution With Applications in Domain-Specific Collaborative Decision Making
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Modelo lingüístico difuso para problemas de evaluación del desempeño: con información heterogénea considerando la posible dependencia entre criterios
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A comprehensive framework for modeling heterogeneous objects
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Personalized individual semantics in computing with words for supporting linguistic group decision making. An application on consensus reaching
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Automatic detection of nutritional deficiencies in coffee tree leaves through shape and texture descriptors
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A recommendation approach for programming online judges supported by data preprocessing techniques
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CommuniMents: A Framework for Detecting Community Based Sentiments for Events
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Fuzzy Tools in Recommender Systems: A Survey
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Managing consensus based on leadership in opinion dynamics
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Subscribing to fuzzy temporal aggregation of heterogeneous sensor streams in real-time distributed environments
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A Fuzzy System for Estimating Premium Cost of Option Exchange Using Mamdani Inference: Derivatives Market of Mexico
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A Recommender System for Supporting Students in Programming Online Judges
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Determination of 3D Displacements of Drainage Networks Extracted from Digital Elevation Models (DEMs) Using Linear-Based Methods
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Fuzzy Intelligent System for Patients with Preeclampsia in Wearable Devices
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A group decision method based on prospect theory for emergency situations
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Optimizing the configuration of an heterogeneous architecture of sensors for activity recognition, using the extended belief rule-based inference methodology
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Managing Non-Homogeneous Information and Experts’ Psychological Behavior in Group Emergency Decision Making
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Classification of the risk in the new financing framework of the Deposit Guarantee Systems in Europe: K-Means Cluster Analysis and Soft Computing
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Computational Intelligence for Smart Environments
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Indoor localisation through object detection within multiple environments utilising a single wearable camera
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Special issue on "Recent Advancements in Ubiquitous Computing"
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Utilization of integrated geophysical techniques to delineate the extraction of mining bench of ornamental rocks (marble)
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Classification of archaeological pottery profiles using modal analysis
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SINAI at CLEF eHealth 2017 Task 3
Tipo: conference-paper
REDES REDES : Digital entities recognition: Enrichment and tracking by language technologies,REDES: Reconocimiento de Entidades Digitales: Enriquecimiento y Seguimiento mediante Tecnologías del Lenguajey
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Analysis of patient satisfaction in Dutch and Spanish online reviews
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SFU Review<inf>SP</inf>-NEG: a Spanish corpus annotated with negation for sentiment analysis. A typology of negation patterns
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Identification of fracture zones and its application in automatic bone fracture reduction
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Initial results of a method for the generation of triangle meshes representing bone fragments using a spatial decomposition
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Real-Time Monitoring in Home-Based Cardiac Rehabilitation Using Wrist-Worn Heart Rate Devices
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Key Factors for Innovative Developments on Health Sensor-Based System
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A First Approach to Handle Fuzzy Emerging Patterns Mining on Big Data Problems: The EvAEFP-Spark Algorithm
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A Pareto-based Ensemble with Feature and Instance Selection for Learning from Multi-Class Imbalanced Datasets
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A Transformation Approach Towards Big Data Multilabel Decision Trees
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Analysing Concentrating Photovoltaics Technology Through the Use of Emerging Pattern Mining
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KEEL 3.0: An Open Source Software for Multi-Stage Analysis in Data Mining
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MEFASD-BD: Multi-objective evolutionary fuzzy algorithm for subgroup discovery in big data environments - A MapReduce solution
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On the Impact of Imbalanced Data in Convolutional Neural Networks Performance
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Fuzzy Multi-Criteria Acceptability Analysis: A new Approach to Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis under Fuzzy Environment
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Decision support system for classifying archaeological pottery profiles based on mathematical morphology
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A linguistic fusion approach for heterogeneous Environmental Impact Significance Assessment
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New trends of information fusion in decision making
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Description logic class expression learning applied to sentiment analysis
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A Humble Tribute to 50 Years of Fuzzy Sets Preface
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An Overview on Fuzzy Modelling of Complex Linguistic Preferences in Decision Making
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Out-of-core real-time haptic interaction on very large models
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Improvement of the Prediction of Drugs Demand Using Spatial Data Mining Tools
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A Mobile Application for Easy Design and Testing of Algorithms to Monitor Physical Activity in the Workplace
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Analysis and real implementation of a cloud infraestructure for computing laboratories virtualization
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Data discretization: taxonomy and big data challenge
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DPD-DFF: A dual phase distributed scheme with double fingerprint fusion for fast and accurate identification in large databases
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Empowering one-vs-one decomposition with ensemble learning for multi-class imbalanced data
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Evolutionary fuzzy k-nearest neighbors algorithm using interval-valued fuzzy sets
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Evolutionary wrapper approaches for training set selection as preprocessing mechanism for support vector machines: Experimental evaluation and support vector analysis
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Multivariate Discretization Based on Evolutionary Cut Points Selection for Classification
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Tutorial on practical tips of the most influential data preprocessing algorithms in data mining
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Gunshot detection and localization based on Non-negative Matrix Factorization and SRP-hat
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A score-informed shift-invariant extension of complex matrix factorization for improving the separation of overlapped partials in music recordings
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Managing Natural Noise in Recommender Systems
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A View on Fuzzy Systems for Big Data: Progress and Opportunities
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Multilabel Classification. Problem Analysis, Metrics and Techniques
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Compositional model for speech denoising based on source/filter speech representation and smoothness/sparseness noise constraints
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Constrained non-negative matrix factorization for score-informed piano music restoration
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Tempo driven audio-to-score alignment using spectral decomposition and online dynamic time warping
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SINAI participation in TASS 2016 | Participacion de SINAI en TASS 2016
Tipo: conference-paper
Pictogrammar, pictograms based communication with grammatical support | Pictogrammar, comunicación basada en pictogramas con conocimiento lingúístico
Tipo: journal-article
Modelling influence in group decision making
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Subscribing to fuzzy temporal aggregation of heterogeneous sensor streams in real-time distributed environments
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A web system for managing and monitoring smart environments
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Comparison of fiducial marker detection and object interaction in activities of daily living utilising a wearable vision sensor
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Improving hybrid ad hoc networks: The election of gateways
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Two-tier assessment based on collaboration and competition to enhance engineering students' motivation
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Ranking the performance of compiled and interpreted languages in genetic algorithms
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Web browser-based forecasting of economic time-series
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A radial basis function neural network-based coevolutionary algorithm for short-term to long-term time series forecasting
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Benchmarking languages for evolutionary algorithms
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A comparison of implementations of basic evolutionary algorithm operations in different languages
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Hyperrectangles selection for monotonic classification by using evolutionary algorithms
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A Nearest Hyperrectangle Monotonic Learning Method
Tipo: conference-paper
Intelligent multi-dose medication controller for fever: From wearable devices to remote dispensers
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Fuzzy intelligent system for supporting preeclampsia diagnosis from the patient biosignals
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Developing a flexible web-based system for documenting archaeological excavations
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A comparison of native GPU computing versus OpenACC for implementing flow-routing algorithms in hydrological applications
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A point-based methodology for the automatic positional accuracy assessment of geospatial databases
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A Survey of Measures and Methods for Matching Geospatial Vector Datasets
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Methodology to Increase the Computational Speed to Obtain the Fractal Dimension Using GPU Programming
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Improving the Quality of User Generated Data Sets for Activity Recognition
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Overview of TASS 2016
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COPOS: Corpus of patient opinions in Spanish. Application of sentiment analysis techniques
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Combining resources to improve unsupervised sentiment analysis at aspect-level
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Pictogrammar, pictograms based communication with grammatical support,Pictogrammar, comunicación basada en pictogramas con conocimiento lingúístico
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Computer assisted preoperative planning of bone fracture reduction: Simulation techniques and new trends
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Development and implementation of a mobile application to improve university teaching of electrotherapy
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Usage of mobile devices in a bone fracture reduction process
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Estimating the Maximum Power Delivered by Concentrating Photovoltaics Technology Through Atmospheric Conditions Using a Differential Evolution Approach
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R Ultimate Multilabel Dataset Repository
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Importance of health CRM in pandemics and health alerts | Importancia de los Customer Relationship Management (CRM) sanitarios en las pandemias y alertas sanitarias
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Data Preparation Basic Models
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Data Preprocessing in Data Mining Introduction
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Data Preprocessing in Data Mining Preface
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Data Reduction
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Data Sets and Proper Statistical Analysis of Data Mining Techniques
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Dealing with Missing Values
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Dealing with Noisy Data
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Feature Selection
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Instance Selection
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Managing Monotonicity in Classification by a Pruned Random Forest
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Monotonic Random Forest with an Ensemble Pruning Mechanism based on the Degree of Monotonicity
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Online harmonic/percussive separation using smoothness/sparseness constraints
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Deferred boundary evaluation of complex CSG models
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CRiSOL: Opinion know ledge-base for Spanish,CRiSOL: Base de conocimiento de opiniones para el Español
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Negation scope identification in Spanish Reviews,Tratamiento de la Negación en el Análisis de Opiniones en Español
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ESOLHotel: Building an Spanish opinion lexicon adapted to the tourism domain,eSOLHotel: Generación de un lexicón de opinión en español adaptado al dominio turístico
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A multi-lingual annotated dataset for aspect-oriented opinion mining
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Improving spanish polarity classification combining different linguistic resources
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Performance analysis for GPU-based ray-triangle algorithms
Tipo: conference-paper
Comment editorial | Comité editorial
Tipo: journal-article
Tipo: book-chapter
ATTOS: Trend analysis and thematic through opinions and sentiments,ATTOS: Análisis de tendencias y temáticas a través de opiniones y sentimientos
Tipo: journal-article
FIRST (flexible interactive reading support tool) project: Developing a tool for helping autistic people by document simplification,Proyecto FIRST (flexible interactive reading support tool): Desarrollo de una herramienta para ayudar a personas con autism
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Challenges of sentiment analysis,Desafíos del Análisis de Sentimientos
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3D segmentation and labeling of fractured bone from CT images
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An Application to Interact with 3D Models Reconstructed from Medical Images
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Integration of image processing and 3D techniques to simulate aesthetic dental treatments
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Simplified and labelled bone model reconstruction for interactive environments
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Trends on identification of fractured bone tissue from CT images
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Computational intelligence in decision making
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A Survey of Discretization Techniques: Taxonomy and Empirical Analysis in Supervised Learning
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On the use of evolutionary feature selection for improving fuzzy rough set based prototype selection
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Semantic tagging of video ASR transcripts using the web as a source of knowledge
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Characterization of Concentrating Photovoltaic modules by cooperative competitive Radial Basis Function Networks
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Fuzzy rules for describing subgroups from Influenza A virus using a multi-objective evolutionary algorithm
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MEFES: An evolutionary proposal for the detection of exceptions in subgroup discovery. An application to Concentrating Photovoltaic Technology
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Type-2 fuzzy decision support system to optimise MANET integration into infrastructure-based wireless systems
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Box-counting algorithm on GPU and multi-core CPU: an OpenCL cross-platform study
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Optimizations with CUDA: A Case Study on 3D Curve-Skeleton Extraction from Voxelized Models
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Automatic Street Surface Modeling for Web-Based Urban Information Systems
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INT Internet-gateway discovery in mobile ad hoc networks
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Analysis of data complexity measures for classification
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Managing natural noise in collaborative recommender systems
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Spanish knowledge base generation for polarity classification from masses
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SINAI at TASS 2012 | SINAI en TASS 2012
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Applying NLP techniques for query reformulation to information retrieval with geographical references
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Application of text summarization techniques to the geographical information retrieval task
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A novel belief rule base representation, generation and its inference methodology
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An analysis of symbolic linguistic computing models in decision making
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A first analysis of the effect of local and global optimization weights methods in the cooperative-competitive design of RBFN for imbalanced environments
Tipo: book-chapter
A First Approach to Deal with Imbalance in Multi-label Datasets
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A Performance Study of Concentrating Photovoltaic Modules Using Neural Networks: An Application with (CORBFN)-R-2
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Alternative OVA Proposals for Cooperative Competitive RBFN Design in Classification Tasks
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An evolutionary fuzzy system for the detection of exceptions in subgroup discovery
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Constrained non-negative sparse coding using learnt instrument templates for realtime music transcription
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Accuracy of contour lines using 3D bands
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Automatic positional accuracy assessment of geospatial databases using line-based methods
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Bio-inspired techniques applied to meta-schedulers based on fuzzy rules in grid computing
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Statistical analysis of convergence performance throughout the evolutionary search: A case study with SaDE-MMTS and Sa-EPSDE-MMTS
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Nonnegative signal factorization with learnt instrument models for sound source separation in close-microphone recordings
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Knowledge-based duty cycle estimation in wireless sensor networks: Application for sound pressure monitoring
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The L-Co-R Co-evolutionary algorithm a comparative analysis in medium-term time-series forecasting problems
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A simple algorithm for Boolean operations on polygons
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SINAI at twitter-normalization 2013
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SINAI: Machine learning and emotion of the crowd for sentiment analysis in microblogs
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Development and evaluation of a 3D mobile application for learning manual therapy in the physiotherapy laboratory
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A Co-evolutionary Framework for Nearest Neighbor Enhancement: Combining Instance and Feature Weighting with Instance Selection
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A Taxonomy and Experimental Study on Prototype Generation for Nearest Neighbor Classification
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Enhancing evolutionary instance selection algorithms by means of fuzzy rough set based feature selection
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Evolutionary-based selection of generalized instances for imbalanced classification
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Integrating a differential evolution feature weighting scheme into prototype generation
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Integrating Instance Selection, Instance Weighting, and Feature Weighting for Nearest Neighbor Classifiers by Coevolutionary Algorithms
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On the choice of the best imputation methods for missing values considering three groups of classification methods
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GeOasis: A knowledge-based geo-referenced tourist assistant
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Learning to classify neutral examples from positive and negative opinions
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A non supervised method for sentiment polarity detection on reported speech from news,Detección de la polaridad en citas periodísticas: Una solución no supervisada
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A Performance Study of Concentrating Photovoltaic Modules Using Neural Networks: An Application with CO2RBFN
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An analysis on the use of pre-processing methods in evolutionary fuzzy systems for subgroup discovery
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Coevolution of lags and RBFNs for time series forecasting: L-Co-R algorithm
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Genetic lateral tuning for subgroup discovery with fuzzy rules using the algorithm NMEEF-SD
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Web usage mining to improve the design of an e-commerce website:
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A mobile 3D-GIS hybrid recommender system for tourism
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Automatic detection of unstructured elements in 3D scanned scenes
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Web technologies applied to virtual heritage: An example of an Iberian Art Museum
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Fast box-counting algorithm on GPU
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Three-dimensional thinning algorithms on graphics processing units and multicore CPUs
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GPU optimization and performance analysis of a 3D curve-skeleton generation algorithm
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A software platform to analyze MR images based on 3D fractal dimension: Application in Neurodegenerative Diseases
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Design of Topologically Structured Geo-database for Interactive Navigation and Exploration in 3D Web-Based Urban Information Systems
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Precision techniques for improving the management of the olive groves of southern Spain
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Software for detecting 3D movements: The case of olive tree displacements in an olive grove located on sloping land
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Volume rendering strategies on mobile devices
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An extended version of the fuzzy multicriteria group decision-making method in evaluation processes
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A comparative study of heterogeneous decision analysis approaches applied to sustainable energy evaluation
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Predictive-collaborative model as recovery and validation tool. Case of study: Psychiatric emergency department decision support
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Prototype selection for nearest neighbor classification: Taxonomy and empirical study
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Computer tools for archaeological reference collections: The case of the ceramics of the Iberian period from Andalusia (Spain)
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Human action recognition based on aggregated local motion estimates
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A hybrid recommender system for the selective dissemination of research resources in a technology transfer office
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Geographic expansion of queries to improve the geographic information retrieval task
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Architecture and evaluation of BRUJA, a multilingual question answering system
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Analysis of NLP techniques of query expansion applied to the Geographical Information Retrieval task | Análisis de técnicas PLN de expansión de consulta aplicadas a la tarea de la recuperación de información geográfica
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A non supervised method for sentiment polarity detection on reported speech from news | Detección de la polaridad en citas periodísticas: Una solución no supervisada
Tipo: journal-article
Analysis of NLP techniques of query expansion applied to the Geographical Information Retrieval task,Análisis de técnicas PLN de expansión de consulta aplicadas a la tarea de la recuperación de información geográfica
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Tipo: journal-article
A linguistic decision support model for QoS priorities in networking
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An overview on the 2-tuple linguistic model for computing with words in decision making: Extensions, applications and challenges
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Modelling experts' attitudes in group decision making
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Hesitant Fuzzy Linguistic Term Sets for Decision Making
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A Preliminary Study on Missing Data Imputation in Evolutionary Fuzzy Systems of Subgroup Discovery
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Cost sensitive and preprocessing for classification with imbalanced data-sets: similar behaviour and potential hybridizations
Tipo: other
Improving Multi-label Classifiers via Label Reduction with Association Rules
Tipo: other
Multiple instrument mixtures source separation evaluation using instrument-dependent NMF models
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Positional accuracy control of extracted roads from VHR images using GPS kinematic survey: a proposal of methodology
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Navigation and interaction in urban environments using WebGL
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Real-time image texture analysis in quality management using grid computing: An application to the MDF manufacturing industry
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On providing quality of service in grid computing through multi-objective swarm-based knowledge acquisition in fuzzy schedulers
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Gaussian mixture models vs. fuzzy rule-based systems for adaptive meta-scheduling in grid/cloud computing
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A wiki as a common framework for promoting autonomous learning among university students
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Fuzzy scheduling with swarm intelligence-based knowledge acquisition for grid computing
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Subgroup discovery applied to the e-commerce website
Tipo: other
Optimisation of control parameters for genetic algorithms to test computer networks under realistic traffic loads
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A fuzzy balancing load system to improve hybrid ad hoc networks
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A comparative study of implemented collision detection strategies
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Semantic and topological representation of building interiors: An overview
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Semiautomatic detection of floor topology from CAD architectural drawings
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Predominant fundamental frequency Estimation vs Singing voice separation for the automatic transcription of accompanied flamenco singing
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Surface reconstruction from 3D medical images based on tri-tree contouring: Seeking geometrically valid surfaces
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A Fuzzy Logic-Based and Distributed Gateway Selection for Wireless Sensor Networks
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Addressing data complexity for imbalanced data sets: analysis of SMOTE-based oversampling and evolutionary undersampling
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Addressing the Classification with Imbalanced Data: Open Problems and New Challenges on Class Distribution
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Differential evolution for optimizing the positioning of prototypes in nearest neighbor classification
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Enhancing IPADE Algorithm with a Different Individual Codification
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Evolutionary selection of hyperrectangles in nested generalized exemplar learning
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KEEL Data-Mining Software Tool: Data Set Repository, Integration of Algorithms and Experimental Analysis Framework
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Word sense disambiguation based on IDF applied to information retrieval | Desambiguación de términos basada en IDF aplicada a recuperación de información
Tipo: journal-article
Analysis of the query expansion for medical collections using mutual information, information gain and MeSH ontology | Análisis de la expansión de consulta para colecciones médicas utilizando información mutua, ganancia de información y la ontología MeSH
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Otiûm: A web based planner for tourism and leisure
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Genre tagging of videos based on information retrieval and semantic similarity using WordNet
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Opinion classification techniques applied to a Spanish corpus,Técnicas de clasificación de opiniones aplicadas a un corpus en Español
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Bilingual experiments with an Arabic-English Corpus for Opinion Mining
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Experiments with SVM to classify opinions in different domains
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Opinion classification techniques applied to a Spanish corpus
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Using web sources for improving video categorization
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A study on the medium-term forecasting using exogenous variable selection of the extra-virgin olive oil with soft computing methods
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An overview on subgroup discovery: foundations and applications
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Analysis of the impact of using different diversity functions for the subgroup discovery algorithm NMEEF-SD
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Evolutionary fuzzy rule extraction for subgroup discovery in a psychiatric emergency department
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On the discovery of association rules by means of evolutionary algorithms
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On the Usefulness of Fuzzy Rule Based Systems Based on Hierarchical Linguistic Fuzzy Partitions
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Navigating large terrains using commodity mobile devices
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Tetra-trees properties in graphic interaction
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A multi-Criteria meta-Fuzzy-Scheduler for independent tasks in grid computing
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Adaptive gateway discovery for mobile ad hoc networks based on the characterisation of the link lifetime
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Genetic fuzzy rule-based scheduling system for grid computing in virtual organizations
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Type-2 fuzzy logic control to optimise Internet-connected MANETs
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UJA-3DFD: A program to compute the 3D fractal dimension from MRI data
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Evaluation of Boolean operations between free-form solids using Extended Simplicial Chains and PN triangles
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COMAS: A Multi-agent System for Performing Consensus Processes
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Detecting unstructured elements in 3D scanned scenes
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A method based on AHP to define the quality model of QuEF
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A heterogeneous evaluation model for the assessment of sustainable energy policies
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Subgroup discovery in an e-learning usage study based on Moodle
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EL-REP: A new 2D geometric decomposition scheme and its applications
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Using memory to reduce the information overload in a university digital library
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TextMess 2.0: The new digital media challenges facing Human Language Technologies | TextMess 2.0: Las Tecnologías del Lenguaje Humano ante los nuevos retos de la comunicación digital
Tipo: journal-article
Opinion classification techniques applied to a Spanish corpus | Técnicas de clasificación de opiniones aplicadas a un corpus en Español
Tipo: journal-article
MarUja: Virtual assistant prototype for the computing service catalogue of the University of Jaén
Tipo: book Enlace: 10.1007/978-3-642-22327-3_45
MarUja: Virtual assistant prototype for the Catalogue of the Computing Service of the University of Jaén | MarUja: Prototipo de asistente virtual para la Carta de Servicios del Servicio de Informática de la Universidad de Jaén
Tipo: journal-article
Geo-textual relevance ranking to improve a text-based retrieval for geographic queries
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SINAI at image CLEF wikipedia retrieval task 2011: Testing combined systems
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Word sense disambiguation based on IDF applied to information retrieval,Desambiguación de términos basada en IDF aplicada a recuperación de información
Tipo: journal-article
Analysis of the query expansion for medical collections using mutual information, information gain and MeSH ontology,Análisis de la expansión de consulta para colecciones médicas utilizando información mutua, ganancia de información y la ontología MeSH
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Tipo: journal-article Enlace: {10.1111/j.1467-8640.2011.00385.x}
Optimization algorithm for learning consistent belief rule-base from examples
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A Summary on the Study of the Medium-Term Forecasting of the Extra-Virgen Olive Oil Price
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Multi-label Testing for (CORBFN)-R-2: A First Approach to the Problem Transformation Methodology for Multi-label Classification
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Musical instrument sound multi-excitation model for non-negative spectrogram factorization
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Low-complexity F0-based speech/nonspeech discrimination approach for digital hearing aids
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Digital map conflation: a review of the process and a proposal for classification
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Influence of sample size on line-based positional assessment methods for road data
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Improving expert meta-schedulers for grid computing through weighted rules evolution
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A practical tutorial on the use of nonparametric statistical tests as a methodology for comparing evolutionary and swarm intelligence algorithms
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A Preliminary Study on the Use of Fuzzy Rough Set Based Feature Selection for Improving Evolutionary Instance Selection Algorithms
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Multi-label Testing for CO2RBFN: A First Approach to the Problem Transformation Methodology for Multi-label Classification
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Knowledge-based wireless sensors using sound pressure level for noise pollution monitoring
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An architecture for performance Optimization in a collaborative knowledge-based approach for Wireless Sensor Networks
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Propagation of agent performance parameters in wireless sensor networks
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Semantic and topological representation of building indoors: An overview
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An exact hierarchical geometric model. Combining remeshing and spatial decomposition
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Approximate reconstruction of meshes after material removing
Tipo: conference-paper
Tracking by means of geodesic region models applied to multidimensional and complex medical images
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Using Fuzzy Logic in Hybrid Multihop Wireless Networks
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A preliminary study on the use of differential evolution for adjusting the position of examples in nearest neighbor classification
Tipo: book
A study on the use of imputation methods for experimentation with Radial Basis Function Network classifiers handling missing attribute values: The good synergy between RBFNs and Event Covering method
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Advanced nonparametric tests for multiple comparisons in the design of experiments in computational intelligence and data mining: Experimental analysis of power
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Genetics-Based Machine Learning for Rule Induction: State of the Art, Taxonomy, and Comparative Study
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IFS-CoCo in the Landscape Contest: Description and Results
Tipo: book-chapter
IFS-CoCo: Instance and feature selection based on cooperative coevolution with nearest neighbor rule
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IPADE: Iterative Prototype Adjustment for Nearest Neighbor Classification
Tipo: journal-article Enlace: 10.1109/tnn.2010.2087415
Preliminary Study on the Selection of Generalized Instances for Imbalanced Classification
Tipo: book-chapter
SINAI at affect task in MediaEval 2010
Tipo: conference-paper
SINAI at Tagging Task professional in MediaEval 2010
Tipo: conference-paper
Using support vector machines as learning algorithm for video categorization
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Using WordNet in multimedia information retrieval
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University of Jaén at ImageCLEF 2009: Medical and photo tasks
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Knowledge integration using textual information for improving ImageCLEF collections
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(CORBFN)-R-2: an evolutionary cooperative-competitive RBFN design algorithm for classification problems
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Analysis of an evolutionary RBFN design algorithm, (CORBFN)-R-2, for imbalanced data sets
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Comparison of response surface methodology and artificial neural network applied to enzymatic hydrolysis of rapeseed straw
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CO^2RBFN for short-term forecasting of the extra virgin olive oil price in the Spanish market
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GP-COACH: Genetic Programming-based learning of COmpact and ACcurate fuzzy rule-based classification systems for High-dimensional problems
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Introduction to the Experimental Design in the Data Mining Tool KEEL
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NMEEF-SD: Non-dominated Multiobjective Evolutionary Algorithm for Extracting Fuzzy Rules in Subgroup Discovery
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On the 2-tuples based genetic tuning performance for fuzzy rule based classification systems in imbalanced data-sets
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A robust segment/triangle intersection algorithm for interference tests. Efficiency study
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Knowledge acquisition in fuzzy-rule-based systems with particle-swarm optimization
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Improved scheme for adaptive gateway discovery in hybrid MANET
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Learning of fuzzy rule-based meta-schedulers for grid computing with differential evolution
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An Optimized MANET Gateway Discovery Based on Fuzzy Logic
Tipo: book Enlace: 10.1007/978-3-642-14171-3_23
A fuzzy rule-based meta-scheduler with evolutionary learning for grid computing
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OP39.02: MRI cerebral fractal dimension analysis in preterm infants with and without intrauterine growth restriction
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Fractal-dimension analysis detects cerebral changes in preterm infants with and without intrauterine growth restriction
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Evolutionary algorithms for subgroup discovery applied to e-learning data
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Analysis of an evolutionary RBFN design algorithm, CO2RBFN, for imbalanced data sets
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CO2RBFN: An evolutionary cooperative-competitive RBFN design algorithm for classification problems
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CO2RBFN for short and medium term forecasting of the extra-virgin olive oil price
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Applying multiobjective RBFNNs optimization and feature selection to a mineral reduction problem
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Parallel drainage network computation on CUDA
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A solution to the Path Planning problem using angle preprocessing
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The multi-LREP decomposition of solids and its application to a point-in-polyhedron inclusion test
Tipo: journal-article Enlace: 10.1007/s00371-009-0413-6
Tracking people in video sequences using multiple models
Tipo: journal-article Enlace: 10.1007/s11042-009-0376-7
Morphometric Analysis Applied to the Archaeological Pottery of the Valley of Guadalquivir
Tipo: other Enlace: 10.1007/978-3-540-95853-6_14
An improved recommender system to avoid the persistent information overload in a university digital library
Tipo: journal-article
A quality evaluation methodology for health-related websites based on a 2-tuple fuzzy linguistic approach
Tipo: journal-article Enlace: 10.1007/s00500-009-0472-7
Dealing with incomplete information in a fuzzy linguistic recommender system to disseminate information in university digital libraries
Tipo: journal-article Enlace: 10.1016/j.knosys.2009.07.007
SINAI at ImageCLEF 2010 medical task
Tipo: conference-paper
SINAI at placing task of MediaEval 2010
Tipo: conference-paper
Experiments with google news for filtering newswire articles
Tipo: book Enlace: 10.1007/978-3-642-15754-7_46
SINAI at LogCLEF 2010
Tipo: conference-paper
SINAI at WEPS-3: Online reputation Management
Tipo: conference-paper
The multi-LREP decomposition of solids and its application to a point-in-polyhedron inclusion test
Tipo: journal-article
Special Issue on Decision Support Systems based on Computing with Words: Applications
Tipo: journal-article
Computing with Words in Risk Assessment
Tipo: journal-article
An Extended Hierarchical Linguistic Model for Managing Integral Evaluation
Tipo: journal-article
Computing with Words in Decision support Systems: An overview on Models and Applications
Tipo: journal-article
Tipo: journal-article Enlace: {10.1142/S0218488510006544}
Upgrading ideas about the concept of Soft Computing
Tipo: journal-article
Tipo: journal-article Enlace: {10.1142/S0218488510006635}
Using linguistic incomplete preference relations to cold start recommendations
Tipo: journal-article Enlace: {10.1108/10662211011050722}
Some Views on Information Fusion and Logic Based Approaches in Decision Making under Uncertainty
Tipo: journal-article
A multi-granular linguistic model for management decision-making in performance appraisal
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Information Fusion and Logic-based Reasoning Approaches for Decision Making under Uncertainty
Tipo: journal-article
Aplicación Web para Evaluación de Desempeño 360 Grados Basada en un Modelo Lingüístico Multigranular
Tipo: conference-paper
A Preliminary Study on Mutation Operators in Cooperative Competitive Algorithms for RBFN Design
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Intelligent Systems in Long-Term Forecasting of the Extra-Virgin Olive Oil Price in the Spanish Market
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Multi-class imbalanced data-sets with linguistic fuzzy rule based classification systems based on pairwise learning
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Wavelet-based approach for transient modeling with application to parametric audio coding
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Two-stage cascaded classification approach based on genetic fuzzy learning for speech/music discrimination
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Music scene-adaptive harmonic dictionary for unsupervised note-event detection
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Improving multiple-F0 estimation by onset detection for polyphonic music transcription
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Amplitude modulated sinusoidal modeling for audio onset detection
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Adaptive signal modeling based on sparse approximations for scalable parametric audio coding
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A Multiple-F0 Estimation Approach Based on Gaussian Spectral Modelling for Polyphonic Music Transcription
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A comparative analysis of time-frequency decompositions in polyphonic pitch estimation
Tipo: conference-paper
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Genetic fuzzy rule-based meta-scheduler for grid computing
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A case study of parameter control in a Genetic Algorithm: Computer network performance
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Optimization of embedded fuzzy rule-based systems in wireless sensor network nodes
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Architecture for redundant knowledge reduction in embedded fuzzy rule-based systems into wireless sensor network nodes
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Wireless intelligent sensors management application protocol-WISMAP
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A new collaborative knowledge-based approach for wireless sensor networks
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Time series forecasting: Automatic determination of lags and radial basis neural networks for a changing horizon environment
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A Heterogeneous Evaluation Model for Assessing Sustainable Energy: A Belgian Case Study
Tipo: journal-article
An Extended Hierarchical Linguistic Model for Managing Integral Evaluation
Tipo: journal-article
Design and development of online educational games based on questions
Tipo: conference-paper
Using linguistic incomplete preference relations to cold start recommendations
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A web based evaluation support system by integral performance appraisal
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Matching pursuits based on perceptual distortion minimization for sinusoidal audio modelling
Tipo: conference-paper
Analysing the Hierarchical Fuzzy Rule Based Classification Systems with Genetic Rule Selection
Tipo: book-chapter Enlace: 10.1109/GEFS.2010.5454155